Oct 25

How “Art in the Heart” Marked the Beginning of the Buda Art Movement

Posted on October 25, 2019 at 2:13 PM by Gabriela Moore

Three graffiti artists at Tavern on Main

Now, the title may say “beginning,” but the real truth behind that statement is that art was always here, just hiding in the rich history of Buda’s culture—a story that economic changes influence in the creative world. If you talk to anyone who grew up in Buda in the 80’s, Downtown Buda was a haven for anyone with a creative bone and was once lined with art studios and craft makers alike.

Steve Harris, a second generation artist to call Buda home,  was born in the 70’s to a professional potter who owned a studio along-side the many artists in downtown at that time. He thinks back on life in the “good old days” as a child running around downtown, generally creating mischief, but always admiring the people behind the art.

“I remember the unique sense of unity between the artists and craftsmen,” Steve says. “Every time one would take a break from their work they would walk down Main Street and stop in to visit the neighboring studios to share ideas, discuss upcoming art shows and swap bad jokes.”

It’s this exact history that the #budaartmovement we saw at Art in the Heart tips its hat to. The explosion in population across the Austin area in the 90’s brought in more shops and dining into downtown spurring an inevitable rise in property taxes and slowly pushing the artist to seek lower rent. But with the Buda Main Street Program starting the initiative to create an arts district in downtown, and the city-wide support of the Inspired Minds Art Center opening in downtown, we are seeing a resurgence of this history come to life.

“Buda is once again becoming a prosperous location for both the established and emerging artist. This is showcased by the local businesses offering there space to display artwork, companies such as Two Wheel Brewing sponsoring art events and the highly reputable Assemblage Contemporary Craftsman Gallery calling Downtown Buda home,” Steve said. “The efforts put forth by Sinead and Susan of Inspired Minds Art Center has created an opportunity for local artists to network and support each other much like the early days that I remember.”

Today we look to a future that not only showcases the arts, but gives it a place to grow and call home. With its resurgence, arts and culture has become its own economic influence that brings tourism and invites visitors to not only explore but also contribute to our community. And I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty thrilled to know that no matter what changes a community faces—arts and culture have the power to push through and bring people together as it has for millennia.

As Marcela Kourkova from Fine Art Buda says, “[Art] connects community and teaches us to imagine and dream.” The #budaartmovement may be just beginning in 2019, but it has a strong history and a lot of soul deep in its bones. Take a look. 

Oct 11

Weekend Getaway: Where Time Slows Down in the Texas Hill Country

Posted on October 11, 2019 at 4:50 PM by Gabriela Moore

View of main house at Ruby Ranch Lodge
by Mercedes Atkins
The historic Ruby Ranch Lodge has been a weekend getaway destination for generations. It boasts many notable guests and was even a favorite relaxation spot for
the late president Lydon B. Johnson. Ruby Ranch is an event venue with lodging that hosts weddings, family reunions, corporate meetings and celebrations. The ties to Texas are seen throughout the Lodge with the use of local materials like cedar and limestone. With the main house and a private cabin sitting on 10 plus acres of land along Onion Creek, there is plenty of room to stretch out and settle into the beautiful Texas Hill Country. 


The house with both southern charm and serene atmosphere can accommodate as many as twenty-three overnight guests. The indoor-outdoor living space creates the best of both worlds with private and communal spaces. The Lodge creates an air of closeness that makes you feel welcomed right away. It isn’t a rare sight to see everyone gathered on the front porch, talking into the wee hours of the night. But for those quiet mornings, there are many comfortable nooks outside to sit and have your morning coffee or read that book you've been meaning to read.


If this sounds like the perfect weekend getaway for you, make sure to call and book lodging two weeks in advance to avoid conflicts with other booked events.  


Ruby Ranch Lodge 292 Bartlett Dr.  Buda, TX 78610  (512) 567-6979

Teal vintage truck in the grass in front of Ruby Ranch main house

Red vintage bedroom at Ruby Ranch Lodge
single bedroom in main house

Star studded gate to Ruby Ranch's backyard
large backyard

Secluded couples cabin at Ruby Ranch
secluded couples cabin

View of backyard and windows from inside the Ruby Ranch  Event Center
indoor event center

Aug 16

Weekend Getaway: Escape to Your Favorite Movie Land

Posted on August 16, 2019 at 4:24 PM by Gabriela Moore

Outside of Harry Potter themed tiny home at Docs Drive-In Theatre

by Mercedes Atkinson

Film buffs and super fans alike will geek out over the movie themed tiny homes in Weewok Village at Doc’s Drive-In Theatre. Guests have their choice between three themed tiny homes: The Wizarding World, Breakfast at Audrey’s, or a Galaxy Far, Far away.  Each tiny home is decked out in clever, novelty decorations that any movie lover could appreciate. It’s not every day you see a Darth Vader toaster and a Stormtrooper light switch but as a die-hard Star Wars fan, I gotta say I loved it. And don’t let the word tiny fool you. These homes can accommodate four people and have all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. With a free s’mores kit, a private deck and fenced yard, this weekend getaway is ready for all members of the family, including your dog.

If you are ready to spend your day with your nose buried in your favorite Harry Potter book or getting lost in a galaxy far, far away, each home is stocked with all the books and films for the specific theme. When you finish binge watching your favorite movie series, you can bring your chair or car right next door and see what the drive-in is showing. And what’s watching a movie without snacks? Thankfully you don't have to travel far. Mama Merlot’s has all your beer and wine needs and Doc’s Diner has classic movie snacks plus tasty treats like the shredded brisket nachos, pulled pork grilled cheese and even vegan chicken wings!  


If spending the weekend watching your favorite films sounds like the perfect getaway for you, check out Doc's Drive-In’s website to book your dream tiny home.


Doc’s Drive-In Theatre

1540 Satterwhite Rd

Buda, Texas 78610

(512) 960-4460

The Wizarding World
Bed in Harry Potter themed tiny home at Docs Drive-In Theatre

Harry Potter themed clock in Harry Potter tiny home at Docs Drive-In Theatre

Kitchen in Harry Potter themed tiny home at Docs Drive-In Theatre

Couch in Harry Potter themed tiny home at Docs Drive-In Theatre
Breakfast at Audrey's
Outside of Audrey Hepburn themed tiny home at Docs Drive-In Theatre

Kitchen and Bed at Audrey Hepburn themed tiny home at Docs Drive-In Theatre

Couch and Bed at Audrey Hepburn themed tiny home at Docs Drive-In Theatre

Table and chairs in Audrey Hepburn themed tiny home at Docs Drive-In Theatre
A Galaxy Far, Far Away
Outside of Star Wars themed tiny home at Docs Drive-In Theatre

Death Star knobs in Star Wars themed tiny home at Docs Drive-In Theatre Bed in Star Wars tiny home at Docs Drive-In Theatre
Couch in Star Wars Tiny Home at Docs Drive-In