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Sep 25

Reconnect at The Y at Camp Moody

Posted on September 25, 2020 at 3:23 PM by Gabriela Moore

Camp Moody Blog HeaderTwo boys canoe into a tunnel between two large rocks

If you were to tell us that just .2 miles away from the fast lane of I-35 we would find ourselves climbing a ropes course, canoeing through a rock tunnel, and discovering a hidden natural pool away from the noise of the road we wouldn’t believe you. Until we saw it ourselves.  

Nestled along Onion Creek and scenic limestone bluffs spanning 85 acres of land, we explored the beautiful world of the YMCA’s Camp Moody.  We didn’t waste any time taking to the trails to try our hand at just a handful of the activities offered at the camp--and some offered during Family Exploration Days too! Along the trail you’ll find the entrance to Onion Creek with canoes waiting to be taken on the glassy water and down through huge rocks to weave in and around.  

And just when you think the creek ends because of the natural way the water rises and falls, take a hike along the limestone bluff and through what we’d like to call a tree cave and you’ll find a hidden, natural pool just for you. This serene little cove is the perfect spot to take a moment and enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds you.  

All to prepare you for the adrenaline rush that comes next... 

Dawning a helmet and harness, peer down at your next challenge: a high ropes course that towers 30ft above ground. If balancing at 30ft in the air isn’t enough for you, the complete structure comes equipped for the daredevil at heart with two ropes course levels, the leap of faith, zip line racing, and rock wall.   

Camp Moody has so many activities to offer and many ways to enjoy them. Not only can you enjoy Family Exploration Days every Saturday and Sunday, but coming up this fall you can bring the whole family for Twilight Hikes ending in s’mores around the campfire and Family Campouts to spend the whole weekend exploring and sleeping under the stars. Keep up with their calendar to see what other opportunities are available!  


Please note the high ropes course is unavailable during Family Exploration Days at this time.